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Our lives are hectic!

Stress from work, prolonged hours sitting, low activity levels, poor posture, sports injuries, even just dealing with the daily grind. Whether it be just finding some ‘me’ time to de-stress or ways to help alleviate your specific aches and pains, Essentia Health & Wellbeing is here to help.

The benefits of massage are no secret. For centuries its soothing techniques have been used for relieving stress and improving relaxation. But remedial massage also has tremendous physiological benefits, including increased fitness levels and faster recovery from sporting injuries and sprains. 

Our team of massage therapists specialise in remedial and relaxation massage therapies. The Essentia Health & Wellbeing studio in Ashgrove has been created to provide a relaxing environment where the focus is on you for a while.

Why Choose Essentia Health & Wellbeing?

Good question!

We like to keep things simple. We don’t offer a long list of exotic therapies to confuse you. We’re not trying to be an expensive day spa, with prices to match. Quite simply, people choose Essentia Health & Wellbeing massage because we combine relaxing spa-quality massage with therapeutic remedial techniques, where each session is tailored to you.